My Friends and I Crashed the Santa Monica Pier with Jordan Matter | Charli D’Amelio

Famous dance photographer Jordan Matter and my friends Addison Easterling, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Michael Le and Tayler Holder had a blast on the Santa Monica Pier. We danced, ‘Renegaded’ and took so many amazing pictures and I can’t wait to show you how they turned out!
DID YOU KNOW: Jalaiah Harmon was the original choreographer of the Renegade dance!
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  • little did you know that: someone on tiktok posted a vid seeing you guys dancing on the beach and the comments were like 'is that what they really do in public??' or 'what the-' (no offence tho)

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  • This was actually so entertaining

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  • Its awkward that jordan is around teens

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  • Addison is so sweet

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  • Crashed what? No one knew who they were, just a bunch of dudes with perms

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